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Why Choose Us

We do offer the perfect dissertations and that is because we dedicate a lot of productive staff hours to each dissertation. Dissertation writing is not something you can rush, and it is not something you can bluff, it is a dedicated piece of concerted effort, and we make sure our dissertation writing service lives up to this standard.

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How Pricing Works

When you order custom writing services from us, you are getting a piece written from scratch. You are not buying a pre-written, spun, or re-written piece of work. We only offer original written work at, which is why we cannot charge a pittance. We have to keep our prices reasonable but robust.

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We judge price on how much work our writers have to do and how inconvenient it is. For example, if you need an essay within a few hours, it is highly inconvenient for our writers because they have little warning, so we charge more. If your written project has hundreds of pages, then that is a lot of work for our writers, so we charge a little more. Get a free, no obligation quote for your project and see how much you can save.

How To Order

Our thesis-writing services operate 100% online. This means there will be no paper trail and you will not have to speak to, or meet with, an agent. You can order from our custom-writing service by getting a quote from our website. Once you have found a price you like, you can put your order through our online order form. It is very simple, very easy, and there are no hidden charges.


You are guaranteed a paper that qualifies at the academic level and standard that you choose. Every piece of work you order from is done in the strictest of confidence. We also legally censor our records so that third parties cannot demand details of your purchase. Our also guarantees you will receive your essay as per the deadline. Furthermore, if you order a thesis or dissertation, we can guarantee you to best dissertation for your money.

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